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The Olympic flame rides economy class

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward

Photo: AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jonathan Hayward

We’re all used to seeing the Olympic flame being handed over from one athlete/physically disabled/cultural significant to the next, who in turn gets to dress up in a silly sports suit with matching hat and gloves, carrying a propane fueled torch that looks more sci-fi every four years, managing a forty-five minute smile for all the local press coverage.

Of course, when moving the sacred flame between continents, airplanes is an easy alternative to hiring Aquaman for the job. Anything else but planes and superheroes would be too slow and expensive, right?

Well, money is no problem, it seems. For the winter games in Vancouver, the Olympic flame demanded six seats for the flight from Greece. Of course, it’s not just the ONE flame, but twelve little flames in twelve little miner’s lanterns.

To be fair to the flames, they did share seats, and they travelled economy class.

via The Boston Globe via Gizmodo

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