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The London bus v2.0 due 2012

9906_02_6---Routemaster-Bus--London_webI’ve never been to London myself, nor have I been to England, or any part of the glorious British empire for that matter. Still, I feel like I can relate somewhat to London, like I know it just a bit.
Of course, this has to do with my time in school and time spent watching British television (not so much Eastenders as you’d think). There are a few things that says “England” as first association: Tea and scones, the Mini Morris, the Queen, The Beatles. And then there are things that makes London … London: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Milennium Eye and the London bus. When the old signature red double-deck Routemaster buses was taken out of service in 2005 it didn’t feel right. Since then, London has seen bendy-buses run the routes instead, to much dismay – even internationally.

But soon the red behemoths will once again be seen in the streets of London!
London’s mayor Boris Johnson unveiled “the new bus” today, promising they’ll hit the streets by 2012. They’ll use less fuel, have better ventilation, and will “use the latest green technology” according to Transport For London. Exactly which green technology hasn’t been confirmed. (Gizmodo)

The new Routemaster has kept the naive and hydrocephalic look (google it), but it also looks a bit like a spaceship. Mix old nostalgia with spaceship awesome, a recipe for success guaranteed! I like.

routemaster1 routemaster2

London.gov.uk via Gizmodo

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