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The Face Transformer

In my blog article “My clone looks nothing like me“, I present the thought of having your own look-alike somewhere in the world.
Today, I found this marvellous Face Transformer created and hosted by the
University of St. Andrews
in Scotland.

Here, using the transformer script, my friend Sigurd has been given west-asian, afro-caribean  and east-asian features, suggesting what his look-alike looks like:

Photo: Vetle Skatvoldsmyr

Photo: Vetle Skatvoldsmyr

The Face Transformer also has options to show how you might have looked like as a baby, child or teenager, and how you might look like as an old man (or woman). Also, you can feminise your features, see yourself as a Botticelli painting or even mix fifty percent chimp DNA into the gene pool. Good fun.

Resizing your photo aforehand to 640×480 is recommended, as large images will load slowly in the script (standard webcam size should be fine).

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