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Surfing back in time

Unmistakably Google, unmistakably 1997
Using the utterly wonderful WayBackMachine at http://web.archive.org, I have spent a while walking down memory lane. On the internetz everything becomes old fast, and revisiting playgrounds brings back memories. Or, well… I hadn’t heard of Google yet back then.

This is what you would get if you pointed your browser to Facebook.com in 1999.

The up-and-coming Hewlett Packard features a modern website with an easily accessible drivers section. HP support hasn’t changed much since 1996 though.

Apple, 1997. The not-yet-full-white apple launches a bold new look with integrated Internet functions, while BMW offers free CD-ROMs.

And also, my very first homepage, from 1999. I remember feeling smug about the Loading Time Indication Diamond System. The missing GIFs are “Under Construction” signs, of course! There were still people on the internet who thought these things were cool. Or I did, at least.
The address was short and simple: http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Nova/9565 (though later I found I could use the redirect go.to/vetlemakt just by adding one more ad to my page!). GeoCities.com closed down earlier this year, taking my baby with it.

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