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Shadow art ad for the Solaria Plaza Hotel

Ingenious and very tasteful Christmas advert for the Solaria Plaza in Fukuoka City, Japan.

via Dark Roasted Blend

Scroll down for today’s pictures & links.

Shadow Play

Ingenious and very tasteful Christmas advert for the Solaria Plaza in Fukuoka City, Japan.


Today’s pictures & links:

Tsunami of Fog

(image credit: Agus Sutanto)

Another somewhat chilling image of storm clouds, often called “the cloud roll”:

(original unknown)


Crazy About You

(original unknown)


Dramatic Sculptures

The frightened one:

(image credit: Anjelicek, seen in Vienna, Austria)

The love-sick pair:

(image credit: B. Ivanov, seen in Moscow)


Rubbing Elbows

Happy romantic couple, cruising:

(photo by Takeyoshi Tanuma -1962, via)


Mixed fresh links for today:

Sinister Nuclear Football, more, pics[interesting]
Aluminum Man Startles London[robots]
How to Vanish in a Digital Age[a must-read article]
Hand-cranked Minimum Wage Machine[weird tech]
Creative Passport Covers[weird design]
Eiffel Tower in DubaiWhat Can We Say?[architecture]
Trying To Get To Little Rock, Still Trying[music comedy]
Epic beard on the second guy[wait for it]
A very cool way to wait for the bus[fun video]
Invasion of the Giant Robots[wow video]
Ice Disasters!, more[cool video ads]
Make stunning Flash websites for free![promotion]
Photos of unusual animals galore[compilation]
Fabulous & Offbeat Furniture Designs[compilation]
Foraging For Food[green tips]


Fantastically Strange Trucks

If you remember our article about Scary Trucks and Truck Trains, here are a couple of incredible trucks we found recently:

Two-headed MAN fire truck – more info:

This is the two-headed tunnel washer that works in the Mont Blanc tunnel. Having two cabs allow it not to turn around in the tunnel.

Le Tourneau US Army Load Carrier – more info

(images via)

This is “the 1962 US Army’s 13-unit electric hub motor all-wheel-drive Overland Train MkII, built for the US Army Transportation Research and Development Command. A ‘mere’ 382 tonnes GCW and ‘small’ 137 tonnes payload.”


I’m always late anyway:


A new “creature” from Sam Van Olffen

Sam Van Olffen‘s work we featured before. Today he returns with –

The Obama-Machine!

(art by Sam Van Olffen)


Extreme Graffiti News

We are long overdue for the full-length article about graffiti since our last Graffiti Showcase. In the meantime, here are some eye-catching examples:

(top left – quote from “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupery; top right – “Snakes & Ladders”, via)

See other awesome graffiti on this page.


Steampunk Animals by James Corbett, The Car Part Sculptor

John Davies Gallery has the exhibition of works by James Corbett, each a unique, somewhat whimsical structure built from car parts:

(art by James Corbett)


Big Heads

Click to enlarge – really bizarre ad campaign by DDB London Agency. I feel uncomfortable just looking at these:


Another one of these “get rich quick” schemes?

Sell these, together with a 30-day course of starting a donut farm.



(original unknown)


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