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PWN’D support group

I can’t say I’ve ever felt the need for such a support group myself, not because I’ve never been pwned in a game, but because I never cared much about being … OK OK OK SO I DO CARE! Why can’t you just kill me and leave me be?! Would it take much effort not to wink at me, “yoo-hoo!” or flame me e-v-e-r-y time you manage a sniper coward’s headshot waaaaaay up from behind a tree? Come join me on WoW, I’ll ROLEPLAY you to tears, you… you…

Past 30, I no longer have the nimble agility needed for fast-paced games. I see that now. So getting hit every now and then shouldn’t come as a surprise. Considering 80% of the players I face are below 17, I really shouldn’t get upset by childish remarks either. Still…

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