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Mind-boggling NASA images and video of the sun

I’m not religious, but I believe in Earth. Still, for Earth to have “believers”, Earth needs to have inhabitants (or colonists elsewhere, but that’s not something to consider, at least not yet). So Earth (or the concept of “Earth” as a pseudo deity) needs an intelligent lifeform, like Man (or the concept dies). And to sustain a lifeform on Earth, or form life, as we know it, we need light. The source of light would therefore become the source of life, and probably the closest thing I get to define as a god.

So if you ask me how I imagine the face of God, here it is:

Image: NASA

Image: NASA


Image: NASA

More fantastic images at NationalGeographic.

Oh, oh, oh! There’s even a video!
Warning: if you’re as easily awed as I, this will blow your mind and make you feel very, very insignificant indeed.

via Geekologie

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