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How to: build a snowman

Snow people reproduction is SFW

Snow people reproduction is SFW

WikiHow has many interesting articles. And some that just plain ruins the fun.
This “howto” for building a snowman (or snowperson is more politically correct I suppose) will probably do the trick for those lacking imagination though:

1. Before you start, plan where you want the snowperson to go, and how big you want it to be.
2. Find a nice big patch of snow which you can use to make big snowballs with. Snow that is very icy or very fluffy will probably not work very well.
3. Gather a handful of snow and pack it tightly with your two hands, shaping it into a ball. Place the ball on the ground and roll the ball along your snowy patch. As you roll, the ball will pick up more snow and will grow larger and larger as the snow from the ground sticks to it.
4.  Make one very large snowball. A height of 1 foot to three feet or more is recommended.
5. Make another snowball a little bit smaller. This will become your middle section.
6. Make another snowball which is smaller still. This will be the head.
7. Stack snowballs up from largest to smallest, being careful to pack tightly and balance them so they won’t fall down.
8. Place a carrot in the middle of the head to act as a nose.
9. Use buttons or pebbles and place them above the carrots to represent the eyes.
10. Use a row of pebbles or coal to show a dazzling smile beneath the carrot nose.
11. Top off the snowman with a hat and place a purple scarf around its neck.
12. Voila! You have now built a snowman that is wonderfully amazing!

My very own howto is even easier:

1. Use snow
2. Build a man

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