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GOOD LORD YES! Unseen Star Wars Footage!

I didn’t expect this today, though I’ve heard rumours of it!

Yesterday Lucasarts announced that they are releasing the Star Wars hexalogy as a BD set next year, and as a part of the release, previously unseen footage will be included as extra material.

In Return of The Jedi, Vader confronts Luke, and notes that Luke has built a new light sabre, commending his work on it. We never got to see Luke actually building the sabre, which always puzzled me. He got his first sabre (which you all know was Vader’s old sabre – or Anakin’s, rather) from Kenobi in A New Hope, and they made a big deal out of it back then (Norwegian fans will also cringe remembering the subtitler translating “the light sabre” to “den lette sabelen” (the LIGHTWEIGHT sabre)). But at the peak of the Star Wars story, he’s got a new sabre all of a sudden, and we’re left to accept that he just built it inbetween things.

Now, here’s a treat for y’all:

via Gizmodo

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