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Concept Nokia cellphone runs on Coke

23-year old Chinese designer Daizi Zheng has come up with a rather intriguing idea. What she’s presenting is a cellphone powered by carbohydrates! Utilising enzymes as a catalyst, the “green Nokia” would draw energy from liquid form sugar, like Coca Cola (though any brand soda, even sugar water, would do the trick). The technology is already available: back in 2007, Sony presented their bio-battery which works the exact same way.

From Daizi Zheng’s website: This is a client project aimed at designing an eco-friendly phone for Nokia. As a result of my research, I discovered that conventional phone batteries are: expensive, harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of. In addition, the conventional battery manufacturing process consumes many valuable resources. The concept is based on the idea to create a pollution free environment by using bio-batteries as an alternative to conventional batteries. A bio-battery is an ecologically friendly, energy supply system which uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates (currently sugar). In order to use the bio-battery as a power source for the phone all that is required is a small supply of a sugary drink. Once the battery dies only oxygen and water remains. Bio-batteries are fully biodegradable and have, on a single charge, a potential life-span three to four times longer than conventional lithium batteries. Meanwhile, bio-batteries are a whole new way of looking at batteries and afternoon tea.coke-powered-mobile-phone_04_3cuV9_17621coke-powered-mobile-phone_01_yoUCr_17621

via Dezeen

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  • Nokia 5800 Blog says on May 4, 2010:

    Does this phone has GPS and Wi-Fi.

    And what about 3G features???

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