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The Face Transformer

In my blog article “My clone looks nothing like me“, I present the thought of having your own look-alike somewhere in the world.
Today, I found this marvellous Face Transformer created and hosted by the
University of St. Andrews
in Scotland.

Here, using the transformer script, my friend Sigurd has been given west-asian, afro-caribean  and east-asian features, suggesting what his look-alike looks like:

Photo: Vetle Skatvoldsmyr

Photo: Vetle Skatvoldsmyr

The Face Transformer also has options to show how you might have looked like as a baby, child or teenager, and how you might look like as an old man (or woman). Also, you can feminise your features, see yourself as a Botticelli painting or even mix fifty percent chimp DNA into the gene pool. Good fun.

Resizing your photo aforehand to 640×480 is recommended, as large images will load slowly in the script (standard webcam size should be fine).

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Richard in Berlin

Photo: Richard Carter

Photo: Richard Carter

As it’s now 20 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, my friend Richard is on a trip to Berlin, documenting his travel using a camera and a GPS tracker.

From his website: “I first visited Berlin nearly 10 years ago. Despite Germany having been unified for 10 years at that stage, Berlin was, at least among British people, an unfashionable destination, somewhere people thought I was more than a bit crazy to be visiting. Some people still do, but the past few years have seen a rise in recognition of Berlin as a fashionable place for British tourists to go. This has gone hand in hand with the city’s gradual (and sometimes not so gradual) evolution from cold war frontier town to trendy capital.”

The website shows his GPS markings, which all link to blog posts and images taken at the different sites.

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