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My name is Vetle Skatvoldsmyr and I am a reasonably tall, mostly Norwegian, certainly silly man born in the 70’s. I grew up with Star Wars, Michael Jackson and Maradona. Attended Rudolf Steiner school, then eventually quit high school for the army, where I spent three years altogether. Ended up as a medical officer and EMT, and have been working as an EMT since 2000. I also work part time at the 113 call center (911) as a dispatcher.
Interests includes my family, my dogs, music, movies, football (soccer to some), everything computery and geeky. And politics:

VetleMakt, founded in january 1993 as student organisation, has in the past years risen to become one of the least feared communist movements in northern Europe. Mainly, the reason for this is the shortened member list (see graph below), together with the total lack of recruitment. As of today, VetleMakt consists of 1 member, unarmed* and surprisingly content, everything considered.
* VetleMakt regulations forbid the use of arms. Exceptions to this rule occur in the case of a throw-in or when a member acts as goalie or keeper.

Unlike most communist organisations, VetleMakt welcomes and embraces monarchy, as an additional form of governing – alongside parlamentarism. In these days, we (VetleMakt) see the western world as self-destructive and firmly on its way towards “The Inevitable Ka-boom”. The Inevitable Ka-boom has occured many times, but has taken different shapes. There are mainly three types of The Inevitable Ka-boom:

1. War
This is also known as The Classic Ka-boom, and is the outcome in witch the people suffer most of all, while the agitators stay relatively safe behind walls of stone, stone dead soldiers and half dead soldiers in a living hell.

2. Revolution
In this scenario the people rage against their oppressors/dictators, which flee. Here we find scenes of people tearing down walls, tipping statues over and destroying everything symbolic to the hated regime, followed by hurried building of new symbols of the new regime, electing new leaders in haste to organise the spring cleaning, only to revolt again a couple of months later, reinstating the former dictator who still oppresses the people, but who at least does it in the good old way.
Also known as The Inevitable Chaos.
3. Equilibrium
Something strange happens, something so terribly, incredibly unexpected and twisted to the reality the people has come to know that everything seems to change overnight. When the people go to work next day, it’s like it’s a brand new world, and all is joyous and fine.
This, of course, never happens.
However, it’s extremely important that the possibility of Equilibrium exists in people’s minds, as it’s the primary generator for hope, in itself one of the main reason for people having sex.
No known pseudonyme.

To avoid any of the three inevitable outcomes above**, however inevitable they may be, it is essential that the people are kept content. In the recent years we have seen evidence of growing discontent in the western world, although cash keep rolling in. We want more.
Workers don’t organise themselves in unions, people don’t vote, the prize of petrol is more important than … than anything, really. Oscars are more prestigeous than Nobels. We want less tax, more sex, cheaper alcohol, faster cars, less refugees (not that we mind they’re refugees, but why can’t they hide somewhere else?), and fascist governments grow like fungi all around Europe. Why is this tendency here, in this world today? We’ve seen this before. Given time the kettle will blow. The Classic Ka-boom.

We’re self-destructive. The western world is the western world’s worst enemy. Actually, the western world is The World’s enemy. I’ll take Revolution for eight-hundred, Alex.

** Avoiding Equilibrium is as important as the other two inevitables, as the feeling of freedom would be so intense that absolutely everyone would stop doing whatever they were doing, neglecting their responsibilities as doctors, airline pilots, merchants, teachers, priests and writers of corporate slogans. The result would be devastating.

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